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Dijital Ada Web Technologies . It is briefly referred to as " Dijital Ada " and " dijidada.net " and "Our Company".

Customer and User definitions represent persons or organizations that purchase products/services on the website Dijital Ada and dijitalada.net .

All customers who create an account, shop and provide benefits by accessing the users themselves via the website ("Website") or mobile applications www.dijitalada.net are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms consisting of the following main article and sub-items. It is not possible to create a user account and purchase products/services without accepting all the terms and conditions stated below. All users who create an account and purchase products/services can proceed by accepting this agreement.

This contract; It is submitted to the approval of the customer during membership and product / service purchase, and it is not allowed to proceed without acceptance. It is also constantly posted at the bottom of the site. It is the customer's responsibility to review and read.

This contract imposes the rights and obligations of the parties on the site that is the subject of the contract, and when the parties accept this contract, they accept and declare that they will fulfill the aforementioned rights and obligations completely, accurately, on time, and within the terms requested in this contract.

1.1 The web software for sale on our site and all pages linked to it are the property of and operated by dijitalada.net. dijitalada.net always reserves the right to make changes on the prices, products and services offered and contracts.
1.2 dijitalada.net accepts and undertakes that the member will benefit from the products subject to the contract, excluding technical malfunctions.
1.3 The Customer agrees and undertakes not to reverse engineer the use of Dijital Ada products or engage in any other activities to find or obtain their source code. Otherwise, it accepts and declares that in case of detection of this activity, all products purchased at that time and the customer account will be canceled without question and no refund will be made in any way.
1.4 It is forbidden to place fake orders for trial purposes through the site. If it is detected, their accounts will be canceled and an account cannot be created again with the current account information.
1.5 The Customer accepts and declares that he will pay the fee to be determined by dijitalada.net for modules, requests and arrangements in addition to the web software to be purchased. The customer cannot claim rights regarding additional modules, requests and arrangements that he will make later in the software. The customer not only obtains the license to use the software, but also purchases the right to use only the additional modules and requests he has made later. Thus, the customer does not have the right to demand that a similar module, arrangement and request not be added to another customer or site or used in general sales. (If there is no additional contract or agreement.)
1.6: Dijital Ada will provide the services that the customer transmits as an order at his request. With the acceptance of the order, Dijital Ada will accept that it has collected the relevant fee and undertake to provide the service specified in the order in question.
1.7: The payment method, VAT differences will be specified with the total amount to be deducted at the time of order, and the fees to be paid according to the monthly or annual payment preferences of the customer will be notified by Dijital Ada.
1.8: After accepting the order and confirming the transactions, Dijital Ada will forward the control panel, ftp, sql and e-mail user names and passwords for the service in the customer order details to the customer and the service will start. The responsibility of the relevant accounts and passwords is the responsibility of the customer, and the customer will be responsible for any damage and loss that may arise from these issues.
1.9: The customer undertakes to comply with the declarations and warnings received by Dijital Ada within the scope of the service received. The Customer declares, accepts and undertakes to comply with any notice or notice issued by Dijital Ada while using the hosting account. The customer cannot distribute or sell the services that are provided to him free of charge and unlimited in the hosting service he has received, to third parties for a fee or free of charge and/or on a limited or unlimited basis.
1.10: The customer undertakes not to access files or programs that do not have the right to access by using the software and programs he has within the scope of the service, not to cause any problems due to such a problem, and to compensate for any problems and problems that may arise.
1.11: The customer accepts and undertakes that the taxes, fees and similar obligations that are in force during the use of the domain name, hosting or the services he receives or that will come into force during the contract belong to him and that he will meet them.
1.12: Customer accepts and undertakes that he/she is responsible for all files, documents and programs he/she contains within the scope of customer service, and for all transactions that he/she will use and benefit from with website and e-mail services, and to bear all legal and penal liability that may arise from the illegality of such data, information and statements. it does. No defect can be conveyed to Dijital Ada from problems that may arise in this regard.
1.13: Dijital Ada does not review, verify, endorse or otherwise take responsibility for the content of any user-created webpages before they are published on the internet. Dijital Ada may terminate user accounts for violating these guidelines or for any other reason or because it believes that Dijital Ada is harmful to her or any of its users. Dijital Ada has the right to delete the acts and acts that violate the law, without informing the customer.
1.14: Dijital Ada cannot be held responsible for any material or moral damages that may arise from the misuse of customer data in the service it provides, data content, all data used by e-mail. The responsibility for backing up and storing this data belongs to the customer. Dijital Ada will regularly backup and maintain all customer data. Despite this, Dijital Ada is not responsible for any errors, damages and losses that may occur due to interruptions or data loss that may occur in Dijital Ada services. Backup of data is the responsibility of the customer (regardless of the amount of data), unless otherwise stated in the contract text.
1.15: Dijital Ada will carry out the domain name registration processes that have been ordered by the customer and paid for without any problems. The owner of the domain name, which is registered and paid for with the registration request accepted with the order, is the customer. In this regard, Dijital Ada will be able to act on the domain name in line with the customer's demands. It will try to make an edit, change and transfer requests on the domain name by the customer as soon as possible. However, Dijital Ada does not accept responsibility for any negativities that may occur by the register. In addition, Dijital Ada will resolve the requests and demands of its customers regarding the domain name according to the workload.

Intellectual Property Rights
2.1 All registered or unregistered intellectual property rights of the title, business name, brand, patent, logo, design, and products on this Site belong to the site operator and owner company or the person concerned, and are under the protection of national and international law. Visiting this Site or using the services on this Site does not grant any right to such intellectual property rights.
2.2 All products on the Site may not be reproduced, published, copied or transferred in any way. The whole or part of the Site cannot be used on another website without permission.
2.3 The visual design and source codes of all products whose details are given on the site have been registered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Copyrights, and all rights are reserved. It is only sold through our website, the websites of our dealers and our authorized business partners.

Information Confidentiality
3.1 dijitalada.net will not disclose personal information transmitted by users through the site to third parties. This personal information; It contains all kinds of other information to identify the User such as person name-surname, address, telephone number, mobile phone, e-mail address, and will be referred to as 'Confidential Information' for short.
3.2 Confidential Information can only be disclosed if this information is duly requested by official authorities and when disclosure to official authorities is obligatory in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandatory legislation.

Registration and Security
4.1 The customer must provide accurate, complete and up-to-date registration information. Otherwise, this contract will be deemed to have been violated and the customer account will be terminated without informing the user.
4.2 The customer is responsible for the password and account security on the site and third party sites. Otherwise,dijitalada.net cannot be held responsible for data loss and security breaches or damage to hardware and devices.

Content Hosting (Web Hosting / Server Services)
Dijital Ada Web Technologies Sales and Marketing service contract. Any customer (individual/corporate/official) who registers (members) to the system, orders or purchases products, services or services is deemed to have accepted the terms of the contract on this page in advance.

For this reason, before you start using our services, please carefully read this and other agreements published on our website and the general terms of use at the bottom of the product pages on our website.

1- Parties
1.1: This agreement includes Dijital Ada Technologies Sales and Marketing (referred to as Dijital Ada) that provides the products, services and services (referred to as services) specified on the www.dijitalada.net website, and those who purchase products, services and services through Dijital Ada. and the person/institution (referred to as the customer) registered to the system, the use of the websites (referred to as the site) operating on the www.dijitalada.net internet address (and its sub-sites and extensions) belonging to Dijital Ada and the product to be purchased through these sites. , services and services will be deemed to have been signed with the following articles and conditions.
1.2: Only those who can make legally binding contracts within the scope of current laws can benefit from the Dijital Ada website (www.dijitalada.net) and all services or services actively offered on this site. When you start using the Dijital Ada website (www.dijitalada.net) and the service or services on the site; You acknowledge, declare and undertake that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and/or have the capacity to conclude legally binding contracts as set forth in current laws by other means.
1.3: If you are going to use the Dijital Ada website (www.dijitalada.net) and the services or services on the site on behalf of a legal entity and you are concluding the contracts on behalf of the legal entity, the relevant legal entity must be in accordance with the terms and conditions in this contract and other contracts on the Dijital Ada site. You accept, declare and undertake that you are legally authorized to represent. You accept, declare and undertake that you will be responsible for all obligations in this contract, including payment responsibilities, if it is determined by Dijital Ada that you do not have the authority to represent the relevant legal entity after you accept this contract electronically. Additionally, Dijital Ada shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of reliance on any instruction, notice, document or similar communication that may reasonably give the impression that it is true and originating from an authorized representative of the legal entity. If there is reasonable doubt as to the authenticity of this instruction, notice, document or communication, Dijital Ada may additionally ask you to confirm the authenticity of such information. However, this request for approval is not the responsibility of Dijital Ada.
1.4: The parties declare, accept and undertake that the information written in this contract is correct.

2- Subject of the Agreement
2.1: This agreement will regulate the parts that the customer is allowed to do or not to do in accordance with the information given in the registration process in the transactions on the site, in his orders, in the messages he sent, and the fees he will pay to Dijital Ada in return for the services he will receive in accordance with his preferences in the orders. These service and transaction disclosures are as follows.
2.2: Membership information is the information entered by the customer during membership. Since this information will be taken as a basis for the transactions made, it is assumed that the customer and the member have entered this information completely and correctly without errors.

4- Periods
4.1: The specified rights and obligations of the parties begin with the transmission of the order and payment transactions of this contract to Dijital Ada via the internet.
4.2: The contract period is the payment period chosen by the customer during the order for the relevant service.
4.3: If the parties do not warn that the contract will expire at the end of the period until 10 business days before the expiry of the contract, the contract is extended by the same terms and conditions as the previous contract period. (Changes in wages are reserved.)

5- Fees
5.1: The fee to be paid for the services specified in this contract is the amount specified during the ordering process. It is calculated by adding VAT to the specified fees later and is shown to the customer during the completion of the order, and the collection is realized.
5.2: Dijital Ada reserves the right to make changes/adjustments on prices and tariffs prospectively without prior notice. These changes are announced in advance via SMS, e-mail or on the website. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes the arrangements that may occur in advance regarding these changes.
5.3: If the fee is in a foreign currency, it is paid in Turkish Lira at the effective selling rate of the Central Bank on the invoice date.
5.4: The customer is obliged to pay the invoices issued to him/her by credit or debit card online, by wire transfer/EFT method to the bank account numbers on the bank account numbers page or in cash to Dijital Ada until the due date.
5.5: 5% monthly default interest is applied to invoices whose due date is overdue.
5.6: Dijital Ada reserves the right to suspend/stop or activate the relevant service until the customer completes the payment process.

6- Suspension / Suspension
6.1: Dijital Ada reserves the right to suspend all services provided to the customer, e-mail, web, ftp accounts due to problems with payment, provision problems for customers with credit card payment orders, or clauses related to terms and obligations. amount.
6.2: During the continuation of this situation, e-mail, web, ftp access cannot be made on behalf of the customer, and e-mail accounts are blocked and incoming e-mails are rejected.
6.3: Maximum CPU and RAM usage rate per site on the server 25% CPU - 1GB RAM for shared hosting packages (unless otherwise stated), 50% CPU - 1GB RAM for reseller hosting packages (unless otherwise specified), corporate hosting packages on the other hand (unless otherwise stated) it is arranged to be 100% CPU - 1GB RAM. Customers cannot continuously use system resources at or above the allocated rate for more than 90 seconds. Dijital Ada can change, decrease or increase these limits at any time. User accounts that exceed the specified limits are suspended by the automation system without warning. You can monitor CPU and RAM usage instantly on your hosting management panel.
6.4: It is forbidden to have content on our servers that is against both copyright and Turkish laws. This content; In general, hack, crack, warez, adult, MP3 and MP4 content are also included.
6.5: The security of all software on the server belongs to our customers. Our company is in no way responsible for any issue that may arise from chmod 777 or related to your software.

7- Termination of the Agreement
7.1: If the customer does not fulfill his responsibilities and commitments by violating any article of this agreement, or if it is determined that the information declared on the front of this agreement is not correct, in case the suspension of the above-mentioned agreement continues for more than 7 days, Dijital Ada has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without the need for any warning or notice.
7.2: After such termination, the customer; declares, accepts and undertakes that he will not be able to claim the last contract fee paid, regardless of the remaining time, and to pay commercial penal indemnity 5 times the precedent contract price in effect on the date of termination.
7.3: The customer has the right to terminate this contract at the end of its term, without giving any reason, provided that he gives a written notice 14 days before the contract ends for the normal period.
7.4: In the event that the contract is terminated by the customer before the expiry date, it declares, accepts and undertakes to pay 1/2 of the fees to be paid until the end of the contract, in full and in advance.

8- Contact and Information Addresses
8.1: The parties accept, declare and undertake the postal addresses specified in the order address as legal residence for all kinds of notifications arising from the contract.
8.2: Any notification made to these addresses shall be deemed to have been served even if the parties do not receive it. Unless the changes in these addresses are notified to the other party in writing, the old addresses will be valid.
8.3: Dijital Ada can send messages, information, letters, warnings, payment notifications, account movement schedule, account statements to the e-mail address allocated to the customer within the contract period. The customer cannot claim that the electronic messages in question were not received or not received, and he declares, accepts and undertakes that the said messages will be deemed to have been legally notified 1 day after they are sent.

9- Default in Payment of Fee
9.1: If the customer does not make a payment within 7 days following the last payment date for the products and services purchased through our company, it is deemed to be in default. In this case, Dijital Ada may issue an invoice for foreign exchange difference or, if it wishes, may request a monthly delay interest of 5% from the invoice date. The customer declares and agrees to pay this delay interest and foreign exchange difference invoice from the moment he/she places the product or service order.
9.2: The customer is obliged to pay monthly 15% default interest, 50% of the remaining debt amount, a 10% attorney's fee and all other legal expenses in case of any lawsuit or enforcement proceeding filed by Dijital Ada for all kinds of receivables arising from this contract. declares, accepts and undertakes from the moment of ordering the product or service.
9.3: If the customer applies to the legal authorities for precautionary attachment and precautionary measure for the collection of his receivables arising from this contract, it is stated that Dijital Ada is authorized to take unsecured precautionary attachment and interim injunction; declares, accepts and undertakes that all kinds of fees will be paid by them and that they will not object to these issues.
9.4: Dijital Ada may also suspend/stop products, services or services corresponding to the customer's previously issued and timely paid invoices/invoices due to unpaid invoices. In case of bad faith, this product, service or services may be canceled indefinitely. The customer declares, accepts and undertakes this situation from the moment he orders the product or service.

10- Confidentiality Provisions
10.1: The Customer, within the scope of this contract, during the disclosure of the work and due to this contract, any information belonging to the Dijital Ada and whether it is specified as confidential information by the Dijital Ada or not, without the written consent of the Dijital Ada, shall not disclose any information to the third parties or institutions. accepts, declares and undertakes not to disclose and to protect the confidentiality of such information within the scope of this confidentiality principle, otherwise, to compensate any and all damages to Dijital Ada due to these reasons, in cash and in advance at the first request. The Customer is also responsible for material and moral damages that may arise in the event that any information is disclosed by the Customer's employees, partners, customers.
10.2: In case of breach of information confidentiality, the party violating the contract agrees and undertakes to immediately pay the 500 Euro penalty condition, along with paying all damages to the injured party.
10.3: The parties accept, declare and undertake that they will not violate the relevant confidentiality provisions in any way from the expiry date, no matter how this contract is terminated.
10.4: The above-mentioned information previously disclosed to the public and the information requested by official institutions will not be considered within the scope of this article.

11- Force Majeure
11.1: Without the control and will of the parties, beyond the reasonable supervisory power, preventing and/or delaying the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties under this contract, unpredictable, without being limited to the following;
a) Earthquake, fire, flood, natural disaster, etc.
b) War, civil war, terrorist acts, etc.
c) Electronic malfunctions that may occur (hardware malfunctions)
d) Periodic maintenance or improvement works (periodic maintenance is carried out in a planned manner by announcing at least 3 days in advance) may be applied without notice in situations that require immediate action or create a security issue. This includes operating system and control panel updates.)
e) Interruptions or malfunctions, network attacks, network density or other malfunctions that may occur in telecommunication lines will be considered as force majeure.
11.2: When a force majeure event occurs, one of the parties must immediately notify the other party without delay. In the event of such a situation, the parties will evaluate together, determine and implement the measures to be taken together. The parties will not be held responsible for not fulfilling their obligations in full or on time due to force majeure. In the event that the force majeure situation continues for 15 (fifteen) days without interruption, this contract will automatically become annulled, but the rights and receivables of the parties accrued before the termination will be reserved.

12- Evidence Agreement
12.1: The customer accepts that all kinds of books and records of Dijital Ada will be valid, binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence in case of disputes arising from this agreement. This article is in the nature of written evidence pursuant to Article 193 of the HMK and cannot be substituted for any other evidence than the above-mentioned evidence.

13- Prohibition of Transfer and Assignment
13.1: The parties cannot transfer or assign their rights and obligations under this contract in any way. The Client may not enter into a transaction or agreement with a third party on behalf of or on behalf of Dijital Ada. Even if there is a transfer or assignment contrary to this provision, all kinds of responsibilities of the parties continue.

14- Authorized Courts, Complaints and Enforcement Offices
14.1: This contract, however, consists of 14 articles, sub-headings and the following ANNEX-1 articles, and has been read, understood and signed by the parties. (Signature is deemed to have taken place when the order is sent over the internet (virtual environment) or when the product, service or service order is placed). Dijital Ada may add, remove or make changes to new articles and/or sub-titles when deemed necessary. The customer declares and undertakes that he has accepted these changes in advance.
14.2: In case of any complaint or issue detected on the internet, social media and written/visual media without a legally proven subject belonging to our company, active services belonging to the relevant customer may be suspended/stopped. Without prejudice to the right to take legal action against the relevant customer, the customer is responsible for all commercial and reputational damages that may be incurred by the Dijital Ada company. The customer declares, accepts and undertakes these terms from the moment he/she places a product, service or service order.
14.3: Aydın Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this contract.

APPENDIX-1 Items (Product, Service and Service Usage Items)

Account Settings / E-mail address
Your account is activated after the payment process is collected. It is entirely up to you whether your e-mail address and mobile phone number in your account are valid or not. If there are any complaints or we need to contact you, we will contact you using your primary e-mail address or mobile phone number in your customer panel. For this reason, it is in your interest to enter your e-mail address and mobile phone number correctly and check it regularly. Entering the wrong contact information can lead to bad consequences, such as closing your account. If such situations are detected (e-mail, mobile phone, address, tc number, etc.), your account and service may be suspended or canceled indefinitely.

Relocation and Support
Our transfer team puts maximum effort into your moving to Dijital Ada. The transfer process is a free support service offered only for the convenience of users. Dijital Ada cannot guarantee that the migration is possible and will be completed in any time. Each hosting company is organized differently, and some hosting platforms may be incompatible or store data privately. This can make the move inconvenient or extremely difficult. We will try to do our best, but we would like to inform you that in some cases we will not be able to assist you with your move. Currently, we can only offer cPanel to cPanel (cpanel to cpanel) migration service.

If the number of sites that need to be moved is more than 1, you can have our team relocated, depending on your request, by paying $10 per move. Website or script installations are not included in the migration process. Only the migration from the remote server to the local server where you receive service is performed. The transportation process is carried out during working hours according to the demand and workload intensity. Required installations are the responsibility of the customer. Dijital Ada cannot be held responsible for any losses that may occur during the migration process. The customer cannot hold Dijital Ada responsible for possible data loss and damage.

In extreme cases (plesk to cpanel etc.) the maximum data limit for manual migration is 100 MB per site. Only HTML and PHP file types can be moved in manual migrations. In these processes, only the web root (public_html) is transferred to the new server. No configuration or editing is provided. Dijital Ada reserves the right to refuse extreme transport requests. Dijital Ada cannot be held responsible for any losses that may occur during the migration and installation process. The customer cannot hold Dijital Ada responsible for possible data loss and damage.

Our free transportation service covers a period of 24 hours from the start date of your membership. If you want to benefit from our transportation service at the end of the specified period, you can have your sites moved by paying 20$ per move.

Dijital Ada only provides support for the products, services and services it provides. When you have a problem with our products, services and services, you can request support from us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will try to respond to your support requests as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to your support requests such as website and script installations. For such problems, you can contact the company/person from whom you purchased the service or product.

Dijital Ada always strives to respond to its customers' support requests in a timely and complete manner. However, the customer may not demotivate the Dijital Ada employee or employees, may prevent him from doing his job, be unnecessary and persistently busy (despite receiving a warning), insult his private life or person/personal rights, including the relevant articles of the TCK. In case of comments, Dijital Ada reserves the right not to support the customer. In such cases, the customer account may be suspended or completely stopped for precautionary purposes, this period is at the discretion of Dijital Ada.

Dijital Ada and its counterpart employee can legally seek their legal rights. The customer accepts and undertakes in advance that he will not engage in such attitudes and behaviors.
Necessary software and hardware measures have been taken by us for the stable operation of the website and scripts you will host on our servers. In some cases, plugins or modules required for the website or script to work may be disabled. When you encounter such a problem, you can open a support request and let us know. If deemed appropriate, the relevant plugin or module can be activated.

Dijital Ada may make additional explanations to the customer regarding this situation or keep the matter confidential. The customer is deemed to have accepted these situations in advance.
Our one-click installation service is a free additional service offered to our customers. No support is provided for the applications and modules included in this service. The responsibility for this application and services belongs to the application manufacturer/provider company. Dijital Ada only provides brokerage services for the use of these applications. Dijital Ada does not accept responsibility for problems that may occur.

Dijital Ada uses a centralized DNS structure. For this reason, when you move from one of our servers to another server, you need to delete the account that you do not use, because a website does not work on two different servers. If you take the necessary action and do not delete the account that you do not use, our technical team can delete the hosting account on the server where your website is not active during the checks made for you.

All services provided by Dijital Ada must be used for legal purposes. Dijital Ada accepts the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Any written, audio or visual content and material presented on the Dijital Ada servers cannot be contrary to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey. Otherwise, all material and moral responsibilities arising/to be born belong to the customer. The service provider Dijital Ada is not liable.

Customers guarantee that they will not put Dijital Ada in a situation where it will be damaged due to the services it provides.
Infringement of trademarks or copyrights is prohibited on our services. This includes any unauthorized copying of music, books, photographs or any copyrighted transactions. Selling fake versions of any trademark services will result in immediate deletion of your account. Any account violating these rules, violating copyrights is detected, the account will be frozen or deleted completely.

If you think that your copyright or brand rights have been violated, you can send the necessary information to info@dijitalada.net by e-mail. The necessary investigation will be made and you will be provided with a relevant return. We may need the necessary documentation (which must be official) in order to prove that the content subject to the said trademark and copyright infringement belongs to you/your institution.

It is forbidden to use shared hosting service (shared hosting) as backup or storage, " On FTP, only cPanel backup can be found in compressed (.tar.gz, .rar, .zip etc.) format. Please do not back up your backups. Please do not back up your backups. It is strictly prohibited to use in shared and reseller hosting accounts. If detected, the relevant hosting account may be suspended or stopped without any warning. The customer is deemed to have accepted this situation in advance from the moment he/she places a service order.

• Toplists
• Sites containing adult, erotica and pornography / Illegal content sites
• IRC scripts / Bots
• Proxy scripts / Anonymizers
• Unauthorized software / Warez
• Image hosting scripts (like Photobucket or Tinypic)
• Autosurf / PTC / PTS / PPC sites
• IP scanners (IP Scanner)
• Bruteforce programs / Scripts / Applications
• Email bombing / Spam scripts
• File hosting / Mirror scripts. (like rapidshare)
• Video distribution (scripts like youtube.com)
• Sites like Escrow / bank
• HYIP etc. sites
• Investment sites (FOREX, E-gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM / Pyramid Scheme)
• Selling any material without legal distribution rights
• Prime Bank Programs
• Chance / Lottery / Gambling sites (including incentives)
• MUD / RPG or PPBGs
• Hateful / Racist / Offensive sites
• Hacker-oriented sites / archives / programs / forums / (dark.net etc.)
• Sites that organize illegal activities
• Forums / web pages with illegal, copyrighted links (warez)
• Regardless of the organization and publication purpose Metin 2 / Knight Online / League of Legends / Counter Strike etc. online game sites and applications (including their scripts)
• Applications to attract followers from social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram / SMM panel and applications
• Illegal and copyrighted movies, TV series, etc. broadcasting, making 3rd parties watch, using server traffic
• Any illegal and copyrighted games, programs, etc. hosting applications, offering them to third parties for free or paid, using server traffic
• All kinds of add-ons, scripts, software, scripts, themes that may cause the server to consume excessive CPU and RAM • Streaming
videos, hosting videos on the server, archiving the server regardless of its type. to use as
• Mailer Pro etc.

In cases where sending mass e-mail (spamming), phishing fraud, attacking internal or external networks and similar illegal or adversely affecting Dijital Ada's database over the server reserved for the customer, the customer may use the services by Dijital Ada without the need for a separate warning. He/she accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will be deactivated and the fees paid until that date will not be returned to him in any way and that he may be subject to paying a penalty equal to the minimum contract price. Within the scope of this responsibility, the customer has to comply with the laws of the TR, the regulatory procedures of the ICTA (Information Technologies and Communications Authority), and the rules set or to be set by Dijital Ada.

NOTE: Although there is no obstacle for legal forum sites to take place on our servers, we do not consider it appropriate to host legal forum sites on shared servers as it is likely to consume too much resource. In order to get healthier hosting service for this and similar projects, please request support from our sales team. Please note that web projects that consume excessive resources can be suspended or deleted from the server without warning.

Dijital Ada services, all related equipment, network and network devices are authorized for customer use only. Dijital Ada can monitor the services it provides for legal issues, to control whether the customer makes authorized use, for system management, to prevent unauthorized use, to control security procedures and for operational security. During this monitoring process, information can be viewed, saved or copied. By using Dijital Ada services, you agree to this monitoring process.

Dijital Ada reserves the right to refuse the service used. Interfering with the use of the offered service is under the control of Dijital Ada. For example, websites containing threats, violating copyrights and deemed objectionable by our company may be suspended or deleted from our servers without warning. In such and similar cases, our complaints department may contact you in advance (by phone or e-mail), if no result (or response) is received within 48 hours, your account may be suspended or permanently deleted from our servers.

It is forbidden to host and publish videos under any circumstances in shared and reseller hosting accounts. You should use the "iframe" tag for this process. Again, in our shared and reseller (reseller) hosting packages, the size of 1 image (image) file is a maximum of 1024 KB. It is forbidden to host and publish image files of 1024 KB and larger on our servers under any circumstances. If this and similar situations are detected, the relevant content may be permanently deleted from our servers. The customer declares, accepts and undertakes that he will comply with the terms of this article from the moment he places a service order.

We strongly recommend that you check before ordering whether the content to be hosted on the Dijital Ada servers is compatible with the configurations (infrastructure) of our servers. Refunds are not possible for some hosting packages. For detailed information, you can contact our support team or take a look at our return policy page. (See Refund Policy)
If you have any doubts about whether your site has acceptable content, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to info@dijitalada.net and get detailed information, we will be happy to assist you!

For Reseller (Reseller) Users: When similar conditions occur, accounts are frozen and a message is sent to the owner of the reseller regarding this issue to delete the account. In case of more than one similar violation, the Dijital Ada reseller may freeze or cancel your account.

For Direct Users: Your account can be permanently deleted from our servers without sending any message/warning.

When the above-mentioned situation occurs, Dijital Ada reports the necessary information to the competent authorities.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the scripts / programs you use in your account are safe and that the file permissions are set correctly. Users are responsible for all changes in their accounts. This includes the username and password you use when logging into the system. For your security, you should make sure that your password is difficult. If you use a weak password (like 123456), your account may be frozen until you agree to use a hard password. If your password is found to be weak during the account check process, we will send you a message to change/update your password.

Since the IP addresses are shared in SEO Hosting service, there is no SSL support. We recommend you to choose Individual or Corporate hosting packages for your SSL needs.

Zero Tolerance for Spam!
We do not show any tolerance for spam. Accounts of spamming users will be deleted without any warning message. Customers using shared hosting service can review the Mail Policy. Spammers cannot stay on Dijital Ada servers. This prohibition does not only cover the fax, instant messaging or Usenet/Newsgroup categories.

Dijital Ada reserves the right to make changes to any web page, account, database or other components when deemed necessary.

In all our shared servers (such as individual hosting, corporate hosting, SEO hosting, reseller hosting), the php mail function is closed for security reasons. Dijital Ada only allows secure e-mail sending over the SMTP protocol.

Our customers using shared hosting do not guarantee 100% inbox (the opposite party's inbox) for e-mails they create on their own accounts. If you are experiencing a lot of e-mail traffic, you can choose our e-mail hosting service, which we offer service on static IP for healthier e-mail sending.

Our Shared IP Terms of Use
Our hosting and reseller customers who do not purchase a private IP address use a shared IP address. Dijital Ada cannot be held responsible for blacklist problems that may occur in shared IP addresses.
For IP addresses that enter the blacklist, first of all, necessary arrangements and applications are made to leave the blacklist.
Customer accounts that cause IP addresses to be blacklisted are deleted from the system without any notification and site backups are delivered to the customer. In this case, the customer cannot claim any rights.

Payment Information
You are responsible for paying for any service you receive from Dijital Ada. Dijital Ada guarantees the continuity of the service until the end of the provision of the paid service. You are responsible for making your payment as long as you do not warn us to cancel the use of the service you ordered or as long as you use the entire service we provide to you.
For detailed information about service cancellations, you can send an e-mail to info@dijitalada.net.

As a Dijital Ada customer, it is entirely your responsibility to enter your customer information correctly and make your payments on time. Dijital Ada guarantees that it will keep your data for 14 days from the invoice date. If you do not pay your bill within this 14-day period, your account may be suspended or permanently deleted. If your payments will be delayed, please contact us so that your account is not frozen or deleted, so that we are informed about this issue.

You can make your payments via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit Card or Mobile Payment. If you have any questions about payments, you can send an e-mail to info@dijitalada.net or call us at +90 532 232 2115.

Dijital Ada reserves the right to change the payment amount and service fee at any time.

Backup and Data Loss It
is the customer's sole responsibility to take backups. Our backup service is just a free security service we provide. Dijital Ada is not responsible for any data/file loss you have experienced. With this agreement, you agree that you are the sole responsibility of all authorities over your files.

In shared and reseller hosting services, it is forbidden to contain compressed data of 64 MB or more in the root folder. If detected, the relevant file can be deleted from the server without warning. After taking your backups, you need to download them to your device and delete the relevant file from your hosting account. Please do not back up your backups.
Our company cannot be held responsible for data and losses that are automatically deleted from our servers after the 14th day due to your unpaid invoice debt.

Cancellations and Refunds
Dijital Ada reserves the right to close or freeze user accounts at any time, without any warning, in case of violation of the product and service contract.
Customers can request product or service cancellation within 14 days from the invoice date. For detailed information about product or service cancellation, you can send an e-mail to info@dijitalada.net or contact us by calling +90 850 303 3132.
Dijital Ada can refund you within 14 days in case of any dissatisfaction. Conditions regarding the refund are located on our "return policy" page and these conditions are based on. Refunds, if any, are returned to the bank account number that the customer will inform our company after the fee deductions are calculated, or to the credit/debit card from which the transaction is provided. Remittance / EFT etc. to be cut. Transaction fees belong to the customer.

Resource Usage
Users may not:
• Consume 25% or more of system resources on shared hosting accounts for more than 90 seconds. (this rate may vary according to the relevant hosting package)
• Use of stand-alone, server-side applications. (For example, hosting an IRCD)
• The use of any type of web spider or bots that allow sites to be indexed is prohibited in shared hosting service. (eg Google Cash / AdSpy)
• Using any software similar to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network.
• It is forbidden to run any torrent application. You may be legally distributing torrents, but you cannot host it on shared hosting.
• You cannot participate in any file sharing / peer-to-peer participation.
• You cannot run any game servers. (such as half life, counter strike, battlefield1942)
• Cron entries can be set every 15 minutes for individual, reseller and corporate hosting accounts. Cron entries made outside of the specified limits can be deleted without notice. Dijital Ada can play on this limit, decrease or increase the limits at any time. The customer accepts this situation in advance.
• When importing any local file using PHP's include function, you should use include("include.php") instead of "http://www.yourdomain.com/include.php".
• Maximum database size is limited to 128 MB for all hosting packages. Dijital Ada can play on this limit, decrease or increase the limits at any time. The customer accepts this situation in advance.
• CPU upper usage limit is 25% for shared hosting packages (unless otherwise stated), CPU upper usage limit is 50% for reseller hosting packages (unless otherwise stated) and CPU upper usage limit is 100% for corporate hosting packages (unless otherwise stated). determined. Customers cannot continuously use system resources at or above the allocated rate for more than 90 seconds. Dijital Ada can change, decrease or increase these limits at any time. The customer accepts this situation in advance.
• Not all hosting packages can be used for purposes contrary to the concept of web hosting. (such as file sharing, streaming movies, TV shows and music, and storing, data storage and backup, etc.) In case such a situation is detected, the relevant hosting package may be suspended or stopped indefinitely without any warning or warning.

Resource Usage in Specialized Hosting Packages
Unless otherwise stated, CPU usage limit is 100% of a processor core in our promotional shared hosting packages, and system resources are not allowed to be used for more than 90 seconds. If such situations are detected, the relevant hosting account may be suspended. In case of continuous (more than 90 seconds and repetitive) consumption of server resources, the relevant account may be terminated permanently. The customer is deemed to have accepted this situation in advance. Dijital Ada reserves the right to make changes in hosting packages, the articles affecting these packages and all other elements.

Source - INODE usage User using
any shared hosting service will be warned if more than 200,000 inodes are used, this limit is set as 250,000 for reseller hosting accounts and 500,000 inodes for corporate hosting accounts. If no action is taken despite the warning, the account will be frozen. Accounts of users who exceed the 1GB or 10,000 inode limit are automatically deleted from our backup system in order to stabilize the average data usage. Each file (web page, image, e-mail, etc.) uses 1 inode. Dijital Ada can play on these limits, lower or raise them at any time. The customer accepts this situation in advance.
We do not like to freeze the accounts of users who do not exceed the usage limit too much; However, we frequently inspect and/or freeze the accounts of users who create and delete large files, create hundreds of thousands of files, or cause system damage.

E-Mail Sending Limit and Mail Hosting Usage
Shared hosting services are subject to hourly shipping limits. There is a limit of 100 mails per hour for hosting accounts under individual and reseller accounts, and 250 per hour for corporate hosting accounts. If these limits are insufficient, you can purchase the appropriate mail hosting package. Web hosting access is not provided in mail hosting packages. These packs can only be used for sending mail. Mail hosting accounts do not have an hourly sending limit. However, in order to prevent spam and malicious use, or if such a situation is detected, the mail hosting account can be frozen. According to the bona fide usage policy, each mail hosting account can send a maximum of 100 mails per hour. The customer can request the increase of this limit from Dijital Ada.
In addition, messages in the mailboxes of shared and reseller hosting account users are stored in our system for 14 days. However, Dijital Ada does not guarantee or undertake that these stored e-mails/messages will be restored to your accounts. Older emails are automatically deleted from our system. If you want to keep your mails for a long time, you can have them stored on your computer by using an Outlook type mail client program.

Backup Limit In
shared hosting services, daily, weekly and monthly backups are not automatically taken for users who use disk space more than 1 GB or 10,000 inode limits. Our company takes backups on external servers at regular intervals, daily, weekly and monthly, so that the data is not deleted from the disk in case of any system or hardware problem. These backup processes are not made for the use of users, but in order not to lose the data in case of any technical problem.

Traffic Usage
You can use the traffic area allocated to you during the period. The traffic area quota is the amount stipulated by your hosting package that you have purchased. Traffic area quotas are calculated on a monthly basis and made available to you. If you exceed the quota we have allocated to you within the period, your account will be suspended until your next quota is created and you cannot broadcast on the internet, send or receive e-mails. Our customers can purchase additional traffic or upgrade to a higher bandwidth hosting package.
Unused traffic during the month cannot be transferred to the next month. For our customers using unlimited traffic hosting; As long as they do not exceed their resource usage and comply with the conditions in the general usage policies of the package they receive, their accounts will not be frozen or deleted due to traffic. In unlimited traffic web hosting packages, the bandwidth is unlimited only for your site from which you purchased the service. You cannot drive traffic to other sites.

Domain Name Registration and Transfer Conditions For
the domain names you have registered and transferred through our website, the terms of service on the renewal and deletion procedures page and the articles on this page are exactly valid. The articles on the relevant page are binding for each registered and transferred domain name. An extension may have different terms of service from another extension, as each domain name is registered by a different register (master registrar). We recommend that you review the relevant contract before registering and transferring. When the customer carries out a registration or transfer transaction, he is deemed to have read and understood these issues in advance and accepted them. (See Renewal and Deletion Procedures)

Return Conditions and Conditions
The return conditions for the services, products or services you have purchased on our website are included in our "return policy" page. The terms and conditions on the relevant page are binding on the contract on this page.

Uptime Guarantee Our
shared hosting and reseller hosting servers are monitored 24 hours a day, we guarantee to intervene as soon as possible in case of an interruption in any of our servers. However, this period may be extended in direct proportion to the workload of the datacenter where our servers are located and the problem that may occur on the server. We provide 99% uptime guarantee to our customers using shared hosting and reseller hosting services. If this uptime falls below a certain number, we extend the service times by twice the downtime for the satisfaction of our customers.

Reseller: Customer Responsibility
Reseller customers are responsible for providing support to their customers. Dijital Ada does not provide any support services to customers of reseller customers. If a customer of our reseller customer contacts us for support, we will inform him or her of how and from whom he can get support. Support requests involving security issues can only be made by the reseller customer. In addition, reseller customers are also responsible for the content and behavior of their customers under their own accounts. When Dijital Ada detects any situation contrary to the usage agreement, it takes the reseller customer into account as responsible.

Shared Hosting (Shared Hosting)
Users who purchase shared hosting and reseller hosting services cannot offer hosting services. If you want to provide hosting service, you need to buy/rent VPS, VDS or physical server service. If the situation is detected, both the customer account and the opened sub-accounts (hosting accounts) can be suspended or permanently deleted from the server without warning.

It is the customer's sole responsibility to have a valid email account and secure the root password. From the moment the service order is placed, the server services agreement is deemed to have been accepted. Dijital Ada does not perform any backup operations for servers, it is the customer's sole responsibility to manage and create backup operations. If you want, you can buy additional hard disk for backup system. For this, you can contact us via info@dijitalada.net e-mail address. Managing your backups is entirely your responsibility.

The installation of servers (VPS, VDS or physical) you have rented from our company is done manually by us. Server installations are carried out between 09:00 / 17:00 working hours under normal conditions, provided that it does not exceed a maximum of 24 hours, taking into account technical and software problems and additional demands of the customer.
The server fees, which have been ordered but are understood/detected out of stock, are sent back to the customer's bank or credit card account without any deduction. If the customer requests, this fee is reflected to the customer's account to be used as a credit balance. Our company cannot be held responsible for any material/moral or commercial loss of the customer due to the out-of-stock situation. (See Server Services Agreement)

Server management and operation is entirely the responsibility of the customer, and support can only be requested on certain issues through our company. We recommend that you talk to our sales team about the issue before making a purchase.

For VPS, VDS servers, the processor is limited to 1000 MHZ per 1 Core and this may vary according to the campaign. Dijital Ada is responsible for keeping the CPU stable with a minimum of 1000 GHZ per 1 Core.

Package upgrades for VPS, VDS or physical server servers are performed manually. Data up to 1GB is migrated to the free upgraded server. For data of 1 GB or more, an additional 1 GB tariff fee applies. Our company cannot be held responsible for data loss that may occur during the upgrade / migration. The customer is obliged to take the necessary precautions beforehand.
The upgrade process is carried out within 12 to 24 hours depending on the stock status. The server before the upgrade will be disabled and the data will be deleted, it is not possible to return to the server.

You can only run the server control panel licenses you have purchased from our website on VPS, VDS or physical servers that you have rented from our company. Licensing is provided by authorized personnel for the IP address of the specified server. You should consider this before making a purchase, as no refunds are possible for license purchases.

Our company cannot be held responsible for incorrect licensing transactions that may occur due to incorrect IP addresses specified by the customer at the time of purchase.
When you purchase an antivirus license key, information about the installation will be sent to your e-mail address registered in the system as soon as possible. You can reach your antivirus license key by following the directions in the post. No refunds are possible for antivirus license purchases.

Campaigns and Sponsorships
All agreements and policies on the www.dijitalada.net website are considered valid for campaigns on various forums and portals. The unlimited features offered in the campaigns are based on good faith use. The aim here is for our customers to use their packages in good faith without any limitations. Packages have this underlying CPU limit implementation. The goodwill disk usage checkpoint is a maximum of 5120 MB. A goodwill monthly traffic usage checkpoint is a maximum of 25600 MB. Every user who purchases a product or service with or without a campaign on the Dijital Ada site is deemed to have accepted these terms in advance.

Accounts that exceed goodwill disk usage (5120MB) and goodwill monthly traffic usage (25600MB) may be suspended or subject to resource caps. Our company cannot be held responsible for possible losses and damages due to suspension or resource limitation. The customer is obliged to monitor disk and traffic usage and to comply with these limits. The customer is deemed to have accepted this situation in advance from the moment he/she places a service order.

Unlimited resources are provided on the basis of good faith use. More than 100 resources cannot be used (allocated) in each hosting package. The total quota of e-mails that can be hosted in 1 account is a maximum of 512 MB. Web packages cannot be used for purposes contrary to the concept of web hosting, such as file sharing, streaming and storage of movies, TV shows and music, data storage and backup. Dijital Ada reserves the right to make changes to the campaign and sponsorship conditions at any time. Every user who purchases a product or service with or without a campaign on the Dijital Ada site is deemed to have accepted these terms in advance.

Unlimited resources for reseller customers are offered on a bona fide basis. More than 100 resources cannot be used (allocated) in each hosting package. The total quota of e-mails that can be hosted in 1 account is a maximum of 512 MB. Web packages cannot be used for purposes contrary to the concept of web hosting, such as file sharing, streaming and storage of movies, TV shows and music, data storage and backup. Dijital Ada reserves the right to make changes to the campaign and sponsorship conditions at any time. Every user who purchases a product or service with or without a campaign on the Dijital Ada site is deemed to have accepted these terms in advance.

Terms of Use
Dijital Ada Web Technologies Sales and Marketing (referred to as Dijital Ada) Welcome to the Official Website.

Article-1 From the moment you start using this site, you are deemed to have fully understood and accepted all the points written below.

If you do not accept the terms below, do not access this website.

Article-2 Dijital Ada may make changes to these general terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of violation of one or more of these terms, we reserve the right to restrict or terminate your use without any warning or information. It is strongly warned that you are personally responsible for all your transactions while using the site and that you will have to compensate anyone who may be harmed due to your actions. The fact that any of the matters written below is deemed invalid by the lawmaker, any official authority or the courts does not affect the validity of the other articles.
Article-3 All content of this site; text, graphics, logos, pictures, photographs, figures, technical and scientific drawings, audio clips, animation, video and music recordings, software, program codes; external appearance, design, system and technical elements; all content compilations of the site on the basis of collection, editing and assembly; Industrial design, including but not limited to these, belongs only to Dijital Ada or its content providers, and is protected by all current and effective Turkish legislation, international copyright and trademark laws and international agreements.
Article-4 Using, quoting, copying, duplicating, modifying, storing, uploading to another computer, directly or indirectly, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, of the above-mentioned elements and all kinds of information on the site content, without the written permission of Dijital Ada Hiz. It is prohibited to post, distribute, transfer, republish, display, adapt, process, represent, hold for commercial purposes, sell, or encourage or facilitate the acts listed above. As a matter of fact, this design, painting, etc. is accepted as a "work" according to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and falls within the scope of the law.
Article-5 Dijital Ada does not guarantee the up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness, adequacy and completeness of the information published on this website. In cases where the information and references on this site are misused or misused, in case of errors and deficiencies in the information in the site content, and in case the information is not updated, and in any case that may occur due to the use of the site or the unavailability of the site, Dijital Ada does not accept any legal responsibility against the users and for these reasons. Dijital Ada and/or its employees declare that they are not responsible in any way for any direct or indirect damages that may arise.
Article-6 Dijital Ada from any direct, indirect, special, incidental, legal, financial, penal and other damages incurred by users; use or unavailability of its services; transactions made in connection with its services; loss of profits, data or other intangibles; the cost of acquiring the substituted goods or services; unauthorized access; falsification of personal information and messages; messages received; good or bad performance of the site; creation of another Dijital Ada / www.dijitalada.net (including other domain extensions) site without permission; Against all kinds of claims, including but not limited to damages arising from service replacement or index, unless there are warnings that such damages may occur, and these damages are caused by contract, negligence, tort, law, justice,
Article-7 Dijital Ada provides links and routers to other websites. These links do not indicate that the linked sites have been checked for security. The materials on the linked sites are provided "as is" and no warranty of any kind, express or implied, is given. Dijital Ada does not take any responsibility for the linked sites. It does not guarantee that these sites are free of viruses or other harmful elements. Dijital Ada does not guarantee the use of the materials on these sites or the results of their use, their accuracy, precision, reliability, timeliness, or otherwise.
Article 8Dijital Ada cannot be held responsible in any way for direct or indirect losses or damages that may arise from entering or using its own website or any website information accessed by linking from its site.
Article-9 This website is under the name of Dijital Ada Teknolojileri Sell. and Sun. was created and operated in Izmir, Turkey in accordance with the current web 2.0 standards and the relevant legislation of the TCC. All rules, statements and use of this site are subject to the rules of Turkish Law in force. Izmir courts and enforcement offices are exclusively authorized to resolve disputes related to this site.
You can send all your comments and suggestions about Copyrights, Limited Liability Statement, Site Usage and Legal Notices to info@dijitalada.net.

Bulk / Single SMS Services
6.1 Bulk / Single SMS services; It includes sms sending services made available to the CUSTOMER via dijitalada.net or the API access links it provides.
6.2 The CUSTOMER shall be solely and exclusively responsible to the recipients regarding the Bulk/Single SMSs he/she sends, and shall keep Dijital Ada free from all kinds of demands, claims, objections and complaints from the relevant persons and institutions in any way whatsoever, Dijital Ada has the right to recourse all its damages, and all direct and indirect income losses and material and moral damages that may be incurred by Dijital Ada due to any claims, claims and receivables that may be brought against Dijital Ada, accepts, declares and undertakes to indemnify immediately in cash and in advance.
6.3 The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes to act in accordance with the applicable legislation regarding Bulk/Single SMS sales/sends subject to this Agreement.
6.4 The CUSTOMER shall pay the costs and compensations that Dijital Ada will have to pay to third parties and/or official authorities regarding its obligations under this contract, without the need for any judgment, within 5 (five) business days following the first written request of Dijital Ada. accepts and undertakes to pay to Dijital Ada within
6.5 All kinds of advertisements, advertisements, announcements to be made in all channels (television, internet, radio, outdoor announcements, press, etc.) regarding the products subject to this Agreement, Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers as amended by Law No. 4822, Communiqué on Commercial Advertisements and Announcements and will comply with the international advertising principles and the decisions of the Board of Advertisement. The CUSTOMER accepts and declares that he is responsible for all kinds of damages and losses that may occur due to the violation of the provisions.
6.6 CUSTOMER accepts and undertakes that Dijital Ada cannot be held responsible in any way for the accuracy of the information contained in the sent SMS text and the content of the statements, and that it is entirely responsible. In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Board of Elections and the provisions of this agreement, he accepts and declares that messages with the purpose of political propaganda on his mobile phone are not sent via SMS and / or the internet, and that he is responsible for the penalties to be imposed due to violation of the decision in case such a transmission is detected.
6.7 CUSTOMER; The expressions in the text of the SMS shall not be contrary to the TR Laws and applicable legislation, morality, public interest, public safety, and the indivisible integrity of the State of the Republic of Turkey, that Dijital Ada has the right to block and prevent such expressions, All kinds of legal disputes and/or compensation claims to be incurred by the Company are the addressee, therefore, Dijital Ada knows that if any compensation is paid, it knows that it will be recourse, and without the need for any decision against it, the compensation, penalty requested based on the first application made to it. accepts, declares and undertakes that it will cover the costs and other costs.
6.8 It is accepted that the CUSTOMER obtains the GSM numbers to which he/she sends SMS legally and by obtaining permission. In this regard, Dijital Ada cannot be held responsible in any way. All legal responsibilities and obligations belong to the CUSTOMER.

Other Terms and Conditions
7.1 The CUSTOMER shall not engage in any behavior that will harm the commercial reputation, reputation and prestige of Dijital Ada and other customers, as well as all Dijital Ada products, and in case of detection of such situations, the customer account and all connected products and services will not be questioned. It accepts, undertakes and declares that it will be canceled, no refund will be made, and that it will compensate and provide compensation for all damages and losses incurred by Dijital Ada and its customers due to this situation.
7.2 The CUSTOMER agrees, undertakes and declares that it will indemnify all damages and losses incurred by Dijital Ada against any claim arising from the use of the services of Dijital Ada.
7.3 No matter who requests, Dijital Ada's refusal to provide service, negative (mobbing) behaviors exhibited by the customer and behaviors that will adversely affect the working performance of Dijital Ada officials and personnel, refund the amounts corresponding to the remaining use of the Customer's products/services. reserves the right to cancel the customer account with all its products/services. CUSTOMER accepts and declares this.
7.4 Dijital Ada, if the CUSTOMER chooses to pay by bank transfer, Dijital Ada activates the service and informs the CUSTOMER as a result of the transfer from the account opened in the name of the person or institution specified in the CUSTOMER information to the bank account of the Dijital Ada specified during the order. . All costs of payments belong to the CUSTOMER.
7.5 All periodic products and services are suspended if payment has not been made by the end of the service at the latest. Products and services that are not paid within three (3) days following the pause period are permanently deleted from the system and no liability is accepted. CUSTOMER accepts and declares this.

Technical Support
8.1 Dijital Ada agrees and declares that it will provide "free support" for errors and problems arising from the product / service for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase of the product / service by the Customer. Problems caused by subsequent interventions by the Customer on the relevant product/service are out of this scope. In such cases, as a solution, the standard version of the relevant product given by Dijital Ada is re-supplied and installed in the system. The customer is aware of this and accepts and declares.
8.2 In the field of "Web Software" service, the customer is obliged to provide and maintain all necessary hardware for the smooth operation of the product/service purchased from Dijital Ada. These equipment are declared to the Customer at a basic level before and at the time of purchase. Some products/services may require some hardware and software additional features above the basic level. The Customer accepts and declares that in such cases, the additional features declared by Dijital Ada will also be provided.
8.2 The Customer shall receive support services against a fee for all matters "outside the standard operation" of all products and services purchased, and, depending on the workload of Dijital Ada in such cases,
8.3 The Customer accepts and declares that he/she will submit all support requests through the "technical support system" on the website ofdigida.net, and that he will not be able to receive support services other than this.
8.4 All support requests created by the Customer will be answered by Dijital Ada within 24 hours, depending on the workload.

Force Majeure Server Hosting is a combined
9.1 Not under the control of the Parties; Natural disasters, fire, explosions, civil wars, wars, uprisings, public movements, declaration of mobilization, strikes, lockouts and epidemics, infrastructure and internet failures, power cuts (collectively referred to as "Force Majeure" below) arising from the contract. If the obligations become unfulfillable by the parties, the parties are not responsible for this.In this period, the rights and obligations of the Parties arising from this Agreement are suspended.

Integrity of the Agreement and Applicability
10.1 If one of the terms of this agreement becomes partially or completely invalid, the rest of the agreement remains valid.

Amendments to the Agreement
11.1 dijitalada.net may, at any time, change the products and services offered on the site, partially or completely, the terms of this agreement. Changes will be effective from the date of publication on the site. It is the user's responsibility to follow and control the changes. The user is deemed to have accepted these changes by continuing to benefit from the services offered.

12.1 All notifications to be sent to the parties related to this Agreement will be made via the e-mail address known to dijitalada.net and the e-mail address specified by the user in the membership form. The user agrees that the address he/she specified while signing up is a valid notification address, that he/she will notify the other party in writing within 5 days in case of change, otherwise the notifications to this address will be deemed valid.

Evidence Contract
13.1 In all disputes that may arise between the parties for the transactions related to this contract, the books, records and documents of the Parties, as well as computer records and fax records will be accepted as evidence in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure No. 6100, and the user agrees that he will not object to these records.

Cancellation / Refund / Right of Withdrawal

14.1 Cancellation / Refund and Right of Withdrawal in Software Products;
Consumer rights law, Distance Contracts Regulation, Article 15, clause (ğ) (See: http://www.resmigazete.gov.tr/eskiler/2014/11/20141127-6.htm) "Services performed instantly in electronic environment or contracts for intangible goods delivered immediately to the consumer. As stated, the Customer cannot use the right of cancellation/refund or withdrawal after purchasing the software product in question.

In order to be able to cancel/return and withdraw, it is essential that there is a grievance that cannot be resolved on the software. The situation that any feature/feature not in the software or the arrangements that require expertise on the product cannot be made by non-experts, cannot be shown as a problem or defect. Before making a purchase, the customer is obliged to examine thoroughly whether the software is suitable for him and to request information if necessary. The customer accepts and undertakes this.

14.2 Changing Licenses for Software Products;
Software products are licensed to the domain name (domain address) declared by the customer at the time of purchase. The customer can then change the domain name (domain address) of the license he has at any time free of charge, provided that it is for once. After making a change once, it cannot change the license domain name (domain address) again. The customer accepts and undertakes this.

14.3 License Assignment/Transfer for Software Products;
The customer has the right to transfer/transfer his software license to a Dijital Ada customer of his choice. After the transfer/transfer process, the new customer who takes over the license reserves the right to change the license domain name (domain address) for once.

14.4 Rented Software Products;
No license information change, license transfer/transfer can be made for software products that are rented monthly or periodically for more than one month. The customer accepts and undertakes this.

14.5 The customer does not have the right to withdraw, cancel, change or request a refund, provided that there is no problem or grievance caused by our company regarding the products/services listed below.
All kinds of web server (physical server, virtual server) services.
Domain name registration services.
International sms delivery services.
Turkey sms delivery services. (Sms not delivered to the recipient are automatically returned as credit rights.)
Other local and international product/service licenses.

14.6 In case the payments are made with a credit card or a similar payment card, the consumer may request the cancellation of the payment transaction on the grounds that the card is used against his will and illegally. In this case, the card issuer returns the payment amount to the consumer within 10 days from the notification of the objection.

Dispute Resolution

15.1 Aydın (Kuşadası) Courthouse Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes arising from the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement.

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